Welcome to Privacy Guides! This website was only created in July 2019 and is a work in progress, so most of the guides listed may be unwritten or incomplete. Check back soon for updates! In the meantime, visit privacytools.io for recommendations on software to improve your privacy. If you wish to contribute, shoot me a message on Matrix (@jonah:privacytools.io) and we can discuss further!



What is this site?

Privacy Guides was created to make it simple and easy for anybody to improve their online privacy. You can choose exactly what you’re concerned about and start from there. No need to jump in the deep end with overkill privacy solutions on your first day!

I want to…

Privacy is all about personal control over your data. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone or one correct answer for how you can improve it. If you don’t know where to begin, we’ve created six scenarios you can choose from to get started.

I want to keep my information hidden from the public

Total control isn’t for everyone! You can take your first steps by simply improving the accounts you already use! Set your social media to private, boost your security, and more in this beginner’s guide to privacy.

I want to keep my data away from big corporations

Worried about Big Tech tracking your every move? We can help you get away from Facebook, Google, Twitter, and the like and recommend some alternative platforms and privacy-respecting software moving forward.

I want to take control of my online data

Interested in completely owning your online data rather than giving it to someone else? This more technical guide will help you get started hosting your own services on a computer at home or cheap server using free and open source technology.

I want to be protected from remote attacks

Concerned about hackers gaining access to our online accounts or your computer being accessed remotely? We can help you secure your online accounts, and recommend some more secure and private alternatives to use.

I want to be protected from in-person attacks

Worried about an attacker infecting your devices in-person, or your laptop and all your data being physically stolen? We can help you lock down your devices and recommend ways to keep you safe in the real world.

I want to be safe from my government

Living in an oppressive regime? Concerned about nation-state attackers accessing your devices? We can help you completely lock down your computers and network, and recommend further reading to keep you protected.